Designing for open #TWP15

Really interesting challenges posed here: whether an open platform can enhance a well working closed platform; building on previous action learning modes which brings issues of vulnerability for students #TWP15

Jeff Merrell

I want to attempt to address two questions posed as prompts for week 1 of Teaching with WordPress:

  • What can you do in the context of open that you couldn’t do before?
  • What’s your biggest challenge in designing for open?

Both of those questions meet me right where I am at, at this moment in time. I am just completing teaching the second of two sections of MSLOC 430 – Creating and Sharing Knowledge, a course that attempts to focus on innovative ways in which organizations might utilize enterprise social networks (ESNs). This past year I experimented with popping the lid off of the course and opening it up a wee bit – first by attempting to run a six-week “open” subset of the course in parallel with my on-campus course and more recently by running a working-out-loud week in conjunction with the course.

I now have a little…

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